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My Goodness, Matt’s Guinness

My Goodness, Matt’s Guinness

Matt has been so busy writing his book, working on his non-profit, Ocean Research Project, and getting his new boat ready for the next scientific sailing adventure, that he neglected to call The Guinness Book of World Records about his latest trip.

They finally got in touch with Matt and asked him to submit his voyage for certification, which he has done. He is, after all, the first sailor in history to sail solo, non-stop around the Americas. So, raise a draught of Guinness to Matt.

Matt Wins Ocean Cruising Club’s “Jester” Medal

Matt Wins Ocean Cruising Club’s “Jester” Medal
Jester Medal

Front Side

The “Jester” Medal is awarded annually by a committee of the Ocean Cruising Club for an outstanding contribution to the art of single-handed sailing. This award has been given out since 2006. Recipients include  Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, Mervyn Wheatley, Roger Taylor, and Pete Hill.

From the OCC’s press release:
“Matt Rutherford – ‘Saint Brendan’ – sailed singlehanded and non-stop around the Americas in the face of enormous challenges to benefit CRAB (Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating).
This adventure begins from Annapolis in June of 2011 and is 27,000 nautical miles in total. Arrival at the Northwest passage will be in early August which is only open for six weeks.

Reverse Side

Reverse Side

After exiting the Passage, Matt heads for Cape Horn, rounding it by March 1 2012. Then heading north up the east coast of the America’s heading home for Chesapeake Bay, passing the Caribbean before hurricane season. At 80 miles a day, it will take roughly 10 1/2 months… all of this adventure NON-STOP!”

Read about Blondie Hasler and his boat, Jester, at:

Congratulations, Matt!