The rough cut of Red Dot on the Ocean is complete! We are currently showing it to focus groups and a few industry professionals for feedback. When results are in we will make the necessary adjustments and then seek finishing funds and a distribution deal. Additional funding will allow us to create better maps, pay for some stock footage, and improve the audio quality of the movie.

Here’s what a couple people have said who have seen the rough cut.

Wow! Total tears at the end. … you found the way to layer it all for sailors, but especially non-sailors alike. It has been transformed into a “Life” movie, and an inspiration for everyone…….BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 – Dietra Nickerson, Contractor/Re-modeler/Interior Designer

I thought it was great! I watched it with one of my friends and he was totally into it, too. Now he wants to get a sailboat and cruise all over the world.

– Max Schmitz, Computer Systems Engineer

Soon we will be submitting Red Dot to select film festivals around the country. A schedule of festival screenings will be posted on this website. I hope you get a chance to see Red Dot on the Ocean very soon!

Amy Flannery, Director and co-Producer, Red Dot on the Ocean