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Matt’s Podcasts – 2016 ORP Greenland Expedition

2016 ORP Greenland Expedition

Podcasts – 2016 ORP Greenland Expedition. Matt Rutherford and his crew return to Greenland where his steel research schooner, Alt, has wintered.

They prep the boat for a new season of gathering scientific data for NASA and the Smithsonian. They will collect data on ocean warming that could be contributing to the ice melt of the Greenland ice pack. To learn more, visit ORP 2016 Greenland Research Project

Listen to Matt’s audio podcasts about the expedition.

Follow the 2016 Expedition in Real Time

Click on the Red Dot to get Alt’s speed, course, and Latitude & Longitude position.

Greenland Expedition Summer 2016

Greenland Expedition Summer 2016

Video Blog 2016

Greenland Expedition Summer 2016. Matt Rutherford and his crew gather data for multiple ocean research projects along Greenland’s west coast well above the Arctic circle. This time Matt has a bit more video capability than a single lipstick cam. With a dedicated cinematographer aboard shooting 4K and capturing pro sound, and drones for aerial photography this series will be an exciting visual and audio experience above the Arctic Circle. Great job Matt – looking forward to more.