Matt Rutherford in Sept/Oct 2012 Good Old Boat Magazine
Steve Allan's article about Matt Rutherford and his solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the Americas.

Matt Rutherford in Good Old Boat Magazine Sept 2012

Check out Steve Allan’s excellent Sailor Profile article, “A Sailor, a boat, and a quest: Matt Rutherford’s most excellent vertical circumnavigation” on page 43 of the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Good Old Boat Magazine.┬áSteve’s story and Andy Schell’s article in the Sept 2012 issue of SAIL ┬áMagazine compliment each other nicely. You’ll learn new information from both.

The last three weeks were the worst–colc air, boarding seas, and stubborn winds on the nose.
… It must be said that Matt had himself a particularly solid little boat in St. Brendan. Vegas are cherished by their owners, the more fanatical among them saying they wouldn’t trust any other boat at sea.

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